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About 627
627® Elektrik Mekanik İnşaat San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

627 ELEKTRIK as a subsidiary company of ESAN ENGINERING, was established in January 2007 in order to undertake domestic contracting business and the specialization fields of the company are low voltage, medium voltage and illumination solutions, applyin...

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Elektrik Mekanik Insaat
San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Head Office
t. +90 (850) 5 627 627

f. +90 (850) 5 627 628


Drawings and calculations belonging to the below mentioned systems, are contents of our project services. We project and apply the whole or a part of these systems according to the type of structure, scope of use within the valid standards and regulations, taking the desire of the employer into consideration.

a) Power distribution facility;
    1) Medium voltage power distribution,
    2) Low voltage power distribution,
    3) Power socket installation,
    4) Power distribution for mechanical installations-motor feeding.

b) Auxiliary power systems;
    1) Diesel- generator group,
    2) Uninterruptible power supply,
    3) Central accumulator group.

c) Illumination;
    1) General illumination,
    2) Exit/info/orientation illumination,
    3) Emergency illumination,
    4) Exit illumination (environment illumination),
    5) Special illumination,
    6) Illumination control-dim out,

ç) Reactive power compensation

d) Protecting systems;
    1) Earth system,
    2) Lightning protection system,
    3) Surge protector,
    4) Over current protection,
    5) Residual current protection,
    6) Protection against indirect contact,

e) Communication systems;
    1) Telephone,
    2) Information communication network,
    3) TV systems,
    4) Music broadcast- announce system,
    5) Call bell system,
    6) Central time system,
    7) Intercom,

f) Fire detection and alarm systems

g) Security systems;
    1) Closed circuit TV systems,
    2) Thief alarm systems,
    3) Access control systems,
    4) Electronic guard tour and control system,
    5) Gas detection system,
    6) Inundation detection and alarm system,

ğ) Special Systems;
    1) Congress- conference systems,
    2) Simultaneous translation systems,
    3) Voice and video systems,
    4) Medical call systems,
    5) Electronic turn call systems,
    6) Information systems,
    7) Building automation systems,
    8) Structural cabling.

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