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About 627
627® Elektrik Mekanik İnşaat San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

627 ELEKTRIK as a subsidiary company of ESAN ENGINERING, was established in January 2007 in order to undertake domestic contracting business and the specialization fields of the company are low voltage, medium voltage and illumination solutions, applyin...

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Elektrik Mekanik Insaat
San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Head Office
t. +90 (216) 340 33 12
   +90 (216) 340 33 13
f. +90 (216) 340 33 14


Find out information and calculations which will be useful for all Electrical Engineers. Enter your values, results will be calculated automatically!


Enter values

Active Power (kW):

(max: 2.000 kW)

Voltage Level (V):

Conductor Type:

Lenght of Conductor (mt):

(max: 1.000 mt)

Cross Section of Conductor (mm2):

(max: 1.000 mm2)

IPhone Application is on App StoreIPhone Application is on App Store

627 Electrical Calculations" by 627 Elektrik is available on App Store and Google Play.
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